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Blogger Down?

昨天blogspot.com又无法正常访问了。于是大家又将矛头指向Government Fuck Whatever(GFW)。但似乎这次的Blogger Down完全是google自己的问题。

Blogger Status

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We experienced an outage this evening due to a problem in our networking hardware, sigh!. This caused our users to lose access to both Blogger and BlogSpot for some time. This has been fixed and things should be back to normal.

Posted by Prashant at 20:07 PDT

We are experiencing some troubles with one filer. This affects publishing to some of the blogs and they will not be available for viewing on blogspot.

Update: The issue has been fixed. Thanks for your patience.

Posted by Prashant at 11:24 PDT

GFW带给大家的阴影的确很难抹去,但是连google自己的blog都经常出问题, | blogspot.com的服务崩溃一两次也是可以理解的。就像google说的,大家耐心一点,给多一点时间,一切都会好起来D。


Google Blog被黑
What the F4 is GFW?

2 [圈阅]:

Don Apollo Coleone 说...

google自己的问题倒还好,不过为什么用 是可以上的呢?GFW阴影太大了……

Googler 说...

我靠,google beta也访问不了了。我是黑龙江的。